[Proposal #55] Onboard stATOM as collateral - on-chain proposal

Hey everyone, I’m happy to share a draft of the agoric-3 proposal for everyone’s review :tada:

Original Discussion, Motivation

Mainnet Proposal

Emerynet Proposal

For folks following Emerynet testing, the proposal and governance submission can be found here:


We are coordinating in the Emerynet #collaboration channel on discord.


As shared in the discussion thread:

I *tenatively* would like to suggest that the proposal will be submitted by 20:00 UTC (4PM EDT).


The parameters I’ve set in the proposal are:

  • ibc/denom
    • ibc/B1E6288B5A0224565D915D1F66716486F16D8A44BF33A9EC323DD6BA30764C35
  • issuerName
    • stATOM
  • oracle instance name
    • stATOM-USD_price_feed
  • oracle operator addresses
    • agoric1krunjcqfrf7la48zrvdfeeqtls5r00ep68mzkr
    • agoric19uscwxdac6cf6z7d5e26e0jm0lgwstc47cpll8
    • agoric144rrhh4m09mh7aaffhm6xy223ym76gve2x7y78
    • agoric19d6gnr9fyp6hev4tlrg87zjrzsd5gzr5qlfq2p
    • agoric1n4fcxsnkxe4gj6e24naec99hzmc4pjfdccy5nj

I have left out economic parameters, and will leave that to the Econ Committee to determine and set.

Action Items

If stakeholders could weigh in, and signal support or concerns, that’d be greatly appreciated!

  • Emerynet Software Testing & Validation (OpCo Engineering)
  • Emerynet Node Infra Testing & Monitoring (Validators)
  • Emerynet Oracle Network Testing, and proposal values for oracleAddresses (Oracle Operators, @francescoSimply)
  • Mainnet Proposal Values, like denom (Relayer Operators, @StrideAssociation)
  • Econ Committee

Community members, please share any feedback or questions, and be ready to vote!