[Proposal #55] Onboard stATOM as collateral - on-chain proposal

I suppose this should appear under Core Eval Governance too.


cc @0xpatrick @JDLorax


Hey everyone, I’m happy to share a draft of the agoric-3 proposal for everyone’s review :tada:

Original Discussion, Motivation

Mainnet Proposal

Emerynet Proposal

For folks following Emerynet testing, the proposal and governance submission can be found here:


We are coordinating in the Emerynet #collaboration channel on discord.


As shared in the discussion thread:

I *tenatively* would like to suggest that the proposal will be submitted by 20:00 UTC (4PM EDT).


The parameters I’ve set in the proposal are:

  • ibc/denom
    • ibc/B1E6288B5A0224565D915D1F66716486F16D8A44BF33A9EC323DD6BA30764C35
  • issuerName
    • stATOM
  • oracle instance name
    • stATOM-USD_price_feed
  • oracle operator addresses
    • agoric1krunjcqfrf7la48zrvdfeeqtls5r00ep68mzkr
    • agoric19uscwxdac6cf6z7d5e26e0jm0lgwstc47cpll8
    • agoric144rrhh4m09mh7aaffhm6xy223ym76gve2x7y78
    • agoric19d6gnr9fyp6hev4tlrg87zjrzsd5gzr5qlfq2p
    • agoric1n4fcxsnkxe4gj6e24naec99hzmc4pjfdccy5nj

I have left out economic parameters, and will leave that to the Econ Committee to determine and set.

Action Items

If stakeholders could weigh in, and signal support or concerns, that’d be greatly appreciated!

  • Emerynet Software Testing & Validation (OpCo Engineering)
  • Emerynet Node Infra Testing & Monitoring (Validators)
  • Emerynet Oracle Network Testing, and proposal values for oracleAddresses (Oracle Operators, @francescoSimply)
  • Mainnet Proposal Values, like denom (Relayer Operators, @StrideAssociation)
  • Econ Committee

Community members, please share any feedback or questions, and be ready to vote!


from the econ committee category, it looks like @chrisberg and @yamrani are members to tag, with perhaps @fred and @rowland for redundancy.

The DebtLimit defaults to 1,000 IST, FYI.


I’ve done a good deal of that, but I’m less available during the mainnet timeframe, so that’s more likely @turadg

The one change since we were last completely in sync is

The proposed oracle operator addresses are the same as for ATOM, I see. As I mentioned in that PR, I’d like @jvc_simplystaking / @otooligan to confirm that.
edit: I see that @otooligan already confirmed.

I have no doubts about the denom.

So we’re all set.

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Our team did some some perf analysis of the deployment to emerynet, and the impact looks minimal:

  • about a 1min slowdown on Emerynet when the core-eval for stATOM executed. Basically 1 slow block of 22 seconds.
  • 1 of 21 validators failed to complete a block on time in that 1min window

1951768 took 0:00:05
1951769 took 0:00:06
1951770 took 0:00:22
1951771 took 0:00:07
1951772 took 0:00:06

cc @JDLorax @ivan


And we are live!

Voting is live for 72 hours, until 2023-10-19 19:25 UTC

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The EC is standing by ready to onboard stATOM as soon as practicable, should the proposal pass.


Awesome to see this proposal up!

The feed is currently successfully deployed on the latest devnet, and is ready to go for mainnet launch.

The oracle operators are getting their stATOM data feed configured, ready to accept invitations and immediately be submitting to the price feed once live on mainnet.



Proposal 55 has passed and stATOM is now enabled as collateral for Inter Protocol Vaults!

Amazing work from all parties involved in making this happen!

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