Chainboard Academy Launches First Agoric Bootcamp

Attention aspiring BLDers: The BytePitch team is launching the first Agoric bootcamp as part of the Chainboard academy!
This is a 10-week bootcamp that will start on April 3, 2023 that includes a combination of lectures and projects tailored to get you up to speed with Agoric’s Hardened JavaScript stack.

For more details checkout the blog post here

Registration link here.

  • Deadline to register: March 27, 2023
  • Course start: April 3, 2023
  • Time commitment: ~5-8 hours per week
  • Prerequisites:
    • 1-2 years of programming experience with Node.js
    • Good understanding of web development and CS fundamentals
    • Understanding of blockchain fundamentals

The Agoric bootcamp will combine live lectures and small projects that will allow you to master the Agoric chain, rapidly build using JavaScript tech stack, and deploy decentralized applications.

You’ll learn how to build, test and deploy your own dApps on the Agoric chain, including an understanding of the Agoric SDK, hardened JavaScript framework, and application deployment. In addition to peer-to-peer learning, you’ll be assigned a mentor to guide you through the process more quickly and efficiently.

Register today and join our Discord to keep track of the announcements and new updates.

See you at the bootcamp!


Great work putting together this bootcamp! Very excited for this.

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The lecture content that rolls out each week is impressive. Good stuff!

I look forward to the final projects.