UX/UI Improvements to the PSM and Smart Wallet

Big thanks to the community for all your feedback - we have made several UX/UI improvements to the PSM and Agoric Smart Wallet since launch. These include a variety of usability and UI enhancements that build on existing design but improve overall experience.

  • Notable PSM changes include:

    • Improved PSM and wallet interaction (simplified to one-click Keplr connection)
    • Removal of ‘Max’ for IST Swap From to mitigate against users accidentally swapping all their IST (and having no remaining IST for fees)
    • Added ‘How To Mint IST’ doc link via tooltip
    • Added Analytics.inter.trade link
  • Notable Agoric Smart Wallet changes include:

    • Execution Fee transparency on Offer Proposal
    • Purse tooltip linking to supported asset information

We are always looking for ways to improve so this work will continue as we evolve. We continue to welcome your feedback and suggestions by dropping them in ‘Suggestions’ channel on our Inter Discord.