USDC_grv isn't showing up in Agoric Wallet

I’ve successfully moved USDC from Osmosis thru Axelar and created IST.
But when I try with Gravity Bridge the USDC isn’t showing up in Agoric Wallet.
But the USDC can be viewed with Keplr. It shows up as USDC (Gravity Bridge/channel-4).
I’m wondering if the Agoric Wallet is configured correctly wrt the channel it’s pointing at.

Ok, so I’ve done a small test. I’ve used the IST Swap to swap 1 IST to USDC_grv.
It shows up in the Agoric Wallet as expected (USDC_grv). But it shows up in Keplr as a new line below the original USDC (Gravity Bridge/channel-4).
And it’s actually showing up in Keplr as USDC (Gravity Bridge/channel-4). It’s the same, but yet Keplr sees it as a new entry.

And now looking at Big Dipper I can see that the following token isn’t being recognized by Agoric Wallet:

But this one is:

And Keplr sees them both as (USDC/channel-4).

I believe I’ve figured this out. The problem is that the USDC that was bridged thru Gravity Bridge was axlUSDC (it originated on Osmosis). So the take away here is that axlUSDC → Gravity Bridge → Agoric Wallet doesn’t show up, and can’t be swapped to IST using the PSM. Users need to know that you can’t bridge axlUSDC to Agoric thru Gravity and then mint IST. This should be mentioned somewhere in the docs. Or fixed. (Osmosis users bridging thru Gravity might be upset or bewildered.)

Hi. Yes, this is an unfortunate complication of the multi-chain world. Our efforts to let users know are in Bridge External Tokens to Agoric - Inter Protocol User & System Docs:

A Note on Supported Assets and Denoms

Once each IBC stable asset is voted in by governance - it’s denom (unique identifier) is added so it can interact with Agoric smart contracts.

The denom of each bridged IBC asset differs depending on the path it’s taken to arrive on the Agoric chain.

For example, USDC that has been bridged from Ethereum to Agoric via the Axelar or Gravity bridge will have a different denom to USDC_axl or USDC_grv that has been sent from the Axelar/Gravity bridge directly to Osmosis. If you bridge USDC to Osmosis initially, you will need to use Axelar’s UI to bridge from Osmosis to Agoric to ensure this asset appears as USDC_axl and it’s denom is recognized by the Agoric Smart Wallet and be able to traded in the PSM. If you don’t, it will still appear in your Keplr wallet but you will not be able to interact with the Agoric ecosystem.

Follow the pathways above to avoid these compatibility issues.

If you’re having issues please let us know via ‘Support’ channel on Discord - we’d be happy to help!

Perhaps there’s a better place to document it? Was there some documentation that you looked at without finding this bit?

Oh, wonderful. I just didn’t read to the bottom of the page. And then I learned the fun way.

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