[Proposal #31] Revive Secret-Agoric IBC client - Fix for IBC between chains and stuck users

Agoric Proposal 31 - Proposal Text:

This proposal will update the currently frozen IBC client for channel-10 on Agoric (channel-51 on Secret). The frozen client 07-tendermint-17 will be substituted by a new client 07-tendermint-21. For questions about this proposal please contact Ertemann from Lavender.Five Nodes. Upon completion of the proposal the community will once again be able to use sBLD & sIST and transfer SCRT, BLD & IST back and forth between both chains.

Proposal explorer link: https://bigdipper.live/agoric/proposals/31


Really great to see this arise from the community – I’m looking forward to seeing an active channel between Agoric and Shade in place. That said, a couple of thoughts about the proposal itself: The first is relatively minor – just want to flag that the preferred process is to post things first for discussion here in Discourse, prior to moving to proposal. (Note this is the first IBC client revival proposal for Agoric on a channel to a chain that maybe not all validators will be familiar with.) That said, we do appreciate that there’s some urgency here, so let’s just get this discussion started here in parallel and move along.

Looking at the content of the proposal, a few comments:

  • The proposal lacks some details that would be helpful for validators to understand what they’re voting on, especially considering this is the first proposal of it’s kind on Agoric.
  • Adding some context, such as mentioning the funds currently stuck in the channel that would be freed, and explaining that the revival is needed ahead of the ShadeSwap launch (assuming that was a factor) would also be helpful
  • Given that this is a revival, it would be good to include some info about what happened with the channel previously, and details on how the channel will be operated moving forward to reduce the chances of the problem happening again.

The above points could be added to the proposal, discussed in the forum or both.

As for the deposit, I’d like to see that also arise from the community. Will keep an eye on things and see how it develops, as well.

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