Everything you need to know about the 11/1 BLD Unlock on mainnet-1

A year ago today, the Agoric community launched mainnet-0! :birthday::tada:Shortly afterward, the wider Agoric community showed up with incredible fervor the confidence and excitement they have for the development of our hardened JavaScript Smart Contract platform. The community showed this support by, in less than 2 hours, purchasing over $50M in BLD during our CoinList public sale.

With the revenue generated from this public sale, Agoric has completed a significant number of milestones in both organizational growth and the long-term development of the platform. In the last year, the team has grown by nearly 40% — broadening our areas of expertise in software development, economics, marketing, business development, security, and operations. Over the past few months, there have also been significant investments in community goods and an Agoric Community Pool championed by the DCF. And most recently, the community and validators successfully upgraded our network to mainnet-1 — enabling the first use of our Hardened JavaScript Smart Contracts on the Agoric Chain with the launch of Inter Protocol and the Inter Stable Token (IST).

Unlocking :chains::unlock:

On July 1, 2022, the first 15,000,000 BLD tokens began unlocking to those who participated in the Option 1 sale on CoinList.

Starting tomorrow (November 1 at 3 pm PST/ 22:00 UTC), approximately 217,000,000 more BLD tokens from the Option 2 sale will begin unlocking. For these Option 2 purchasers, 50% of your tokens will unlock on (or around) November 1st depending on your time zone. Then, over the next 12 months in tranches, the remaining 50% of tokens will be unlocked and deposited into the wallet addresses supplied at the time of purchase.

What can I do with my BLD tokens?:rocket:

Even before your tokens unlock, the first (and perhaps most important) thing someone can do with their BLD is to stake them. For our CoinList sale purchasers, you saw value in the Agoric platform — in the technology being used, the development roadmap, the team members, and the value-add proposition that Agoric brings to the Cosmos Ecosystem.

To continue supporting the Agoric ecosystem, we encourage you to stake your BLD to decentralize stake and participate in the governance of the chain. BLD stakers receive staking rewards for their contributions and can vote on governance proposals or put forward proposals for a vote from the rest of the community.

Recently, with the community’s overwhelming support, Proposal 16 passed, which launched mainnet-1 and installed the Inter Protocol MVP on the agoric-3 chain. This proposal installed the Parity Stability Mechanism and Agoric JavaScript stack on the chain. The full release also includes the Agoric Smart wallet, and a PSM user interface for minting IST. In the coming months, Inter Protocol will continue to evolve, enabling Vaults and Liquidation, Automated Market Maker (AMM), Reserve, and BLD Boost.

In August 2022, the Agoric community joined the #IBCgang by enabling IBC on mainnet, and now the BLD token can be transferred across the Interchain. Additionally, BLD can be found on both Huobi International and CoinList, as well as a growing number of decentralized exchanges like Osmosis and Crescent, and the token is supported by several custody providers as well. With recent developments and successes across the ecosystem, the individuals who supported the long-term vision of the project one year ago will choose to continue to support building a healthy ecosystem today.

How do I stake my tokens? What wallet should I use? :artificial_satellite:

Staking your BLD tokens is easy, and it can be done directly from a wallet that supports BLD tokens. To date, Keplr has the best integration available to support Agoric tokens. Here is everything you need to know about staking and participating in governance with your tokens with Keplr:

Where can I see my Account Balance? :abacus:

In order to see the tokens allocated to the wallet address you provided during the CoinList public sale, all you need to do is enter the public address linked to your CoinList account into the search bar of a block explorer or pull up your account in your Keplr wallet. You will never, ever need to provide your seed phrases to check an account balance or receive technical assistance with a wallet or any other technical service provider.

What do I do if I still have address issues with my CoinList account? :wrench:

If you have not received your BLD tokens or have additional questions regarding your CoinList Wallet or token distribution — please open a support ticket with CoinList.

Coinlist relayed to Agoric on October 18th that BLD tokens would be distributed to CoinList Wallets on or around that day. The BLD tokens should have been distributed based on the amount purchased at the public sale price according to the public sale terms, including the sale price and any associated unlock schedule. Agoric has no control over the schedule and other listing decisions set by Coinlist.

Where can I talk about price? :money_mouth_face:

If you’d like to talk about token price, you must seek out independent channels and community spaces in your app or platform or choice. Discussions of price, e.g. “price talk,” are not allowed across community spaces managed by the Agoric OpCo team, and this rule is strictly enforced by community moderators.

Price conversations and speculation in price are something that L1 core developers, especially in Proof-of-Stake ecosystems, just cannot engage in. Limiting price discussion is one of the few options that Agoric OpCo, as an L1 team, has to manage the realities of protocol development in this space. While there are many, many interesting aspects to price, it is not possible to have those discussions without them turning into an exercise where numbers, speculation, and strategies for impacting price also begin to take hold.

Agoric OpCo is a software company focused on building out its vision of a permissionless platform that enables community members to provide value to the ecosystem through their participation in it. For this ecosystem to reach its full potential, we need to build a community of builders, thinkers, creators, artists, economists, and relationships that drive the development of the technologies driving the Agoric Stack. We can talk about what we’re building and what people will be able to do with the token that gives it value, but we just cannot talk about the actual price.

What comes next? :crystal_ball:

As mentioned above, the Agoric will continue contributing to the upcoming phased releases of Inter Protocol with other members of the Inter Protocol Launch Team. Now that mainnet-1 has launched, Agoric is turning its attention to mainnet-2 — which will allow permissioned Smart Contracts to run on-chain. So far, five projects announced that they are building on the Agoric platform for a mainnet-2 launch.

To stay tuned to the latest developments in the Agoric ecosystem, be sure to follow and join our Agoric Community channels.

See our upcoming project milestones – https://www.agoric.com/roadmap


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