Chain Performance Considerations for Adding Multiple New Vaults Collateral Types

Hello Mainnet Validators,

We wanted to bring your attention to some chain performance considerations associated with the potential addition of new collateral assets to Inter Protocol Vaults. There have been discussions about adding stOSMO, stTIA, stDYDX, and stkATOM. Each of these new collateral types comes with additional oracle bandwidth.

Key points of consideration:

  1. Overall CPU Usage: The PushPrice functionality is relatively lightweight, and a 2x increase in oracle traffic is not a major concern for overall CPU usage.

  2. Transcript Growth #8318: The increase of oracle traffic is expected to result in a significant increase in disk consumption rate due to transcript entries, as well as larger state-sync snapshots. It minimally affects the size of the IAVL tree. Various mitigations for drastically lessening the impact of transcripts on disk utilization are being evaluated.

  3. Zoe Cycles #8401: An upcoming zoe upgrade should address this issue; however, they’re created somewhat in proportion to the number of seats/offers being processed, and effectively all seats are coming from oracle traffic. This creates kvStore and IAVL entries and increases time, memory and disk needed for state-sync. It also creates a larger GC remediation burden for the JavaScript VM.

  4. QuotePayment Growth #8400: QuotePayment growth creates challenges in terms of kvStore entries, IAVL entries, which lead to increased resource requirements. This will be addressed by replacing the price authorities, which will be included in the agoric-upgrade-15 software upgrade.

The primary performance concern lies in the IAVL/kvStore growth driven by the addition of new oracles. These concerns will be addressed in the agoric-upgrade-15 chain upgrade. After that upgrade, most of the associated IAVL entries will be deleted, and a cosmos DB pruning will allow claiming back the previously used disk space (for non archive nodes).

Some options for moving forward include:

  • Accept and manage the additional resource requirements of new collateral types and add the new tokens that are being discussed in the community
  • Prioritize and limit the number of new collateral additions until the performance concerns are addressed following mainnet-upgrade-15

We encourage validators to assess the impact on the network and collectively discuss whether you are willing to take on the burden of managing the additional compute resources required and decide on the best course of action.

Please discuss and share your feedback.

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We are ready to manage the resource requirements and look forward to the v15 upgrade!


Validatrium supports additional resource requirements & is ready for mainnet-upgrade-15

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good timing we just upgraded anyway. Yeah bring it on

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We support and ready for the v15 upgrade :white_check_mark:

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Ready for V15 with the resource requirements

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Adding these assets is a + for the network imo. Bring it on. :heart:

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P-OPS Team is ready also hardware wise. Looking forward for the upgrade!


Thank you all for the input and clarity!

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