About the Governance category

The Agoric chain has an on-chain governance mechanism for signaling, changing consensus parameters, network upgrades, etc. Voting power is represented by staked BLD. The on-chain process requires

  • a proposal, including a refundable deposit
  • a quorum of votes (currently: 1/3rd of voting power)
  • a positive vote tally (currently: 50% of voting power)

Building support for a proposal involves some off-chain preparation. This category is for discussions about such proposals. Relevant topics include:

  • Proposal discussions
  • Governance questions
  • Draft proposal feedback

Governance proposals are typically discussed a few days before they go on-chain. Proposers are encouraged to engage the community and raise awareness by sharing posts in the Agoric Discord server governance channel.

Submitting a Proposal | Cosmos Hub has useful reference material.