#28 Agoric-upgrade-9 / pismoC Upgrade

Hey Validators & Community,

Agoric is happy to announce that a new software release for the agoric-3 chain is now available. We’ve prepared the following:

Upgrade Handlers:

Emerynet: agorictest-upgrade-9
Mainnet: agoric-upgrade-9

This release addresses optimizations and improvements on the existing PSM experience, telemetry, operator debugging toolkit, and performance.

Creating an upgrade proposal:

agd tx gov submit-proposal software-upgrade $upgradeto --upgrade-height="$height" --title="Upgrade to $upgradeto" --description="upgrades" --from=yourwallet --chain-id=agoric-3 --yes --node https://main.rpc.agoric.net:443 --keyring-backend test

Please consult the following resource for calculating an upgrade height automatically:

Recommended Testnet Milestones

By running long-lived testnets and using that environment to evaluate software before promoting it to mainnet, validators play a vital role in maintaining a healthy, robust network for the Agoric community. Qualifying or certifying any new software release as production ready requires significant testing, and Agoric core developers recommend that validators evaluate the following milestones before launching an on-chain governance proposal on the agoric-3 mainnet.

:zero: Choose a testnet lead (or leaders) to create an upgrade proposal and set a blockheight for upgrade. The testnet lead could also create the upgrade proposal on mainnet when the release is qualified.

:one: Exercise the upgrade functionality to ensure that going to the new agd works seamlessly. And whatever you do, do not restart your node in the middle of an upgrade.

:two: Restart your node. Turning it off and turning it back on again is key — but be sure to backup your node before restarting it.

:three: Restore your node successfully from a snapshot of your own. It is important that snapshots can be reliably used to get up to speed on the network.

:four: Test IBC transactions, including taking test IST outside of the Agoric network. The details of the IST denom have been captured in Agoric’s chain registry info, and Emerynet is connected to several other testnets in the Interchain.

:five: Exercise on-chain governance. Once the upgrade is successful, it would be helpful to change parameters or voting quorum to exercise the Cosmos governance tools.

:six: Take an opportunity to test drive Inter Protocol when the UIs are wired up to the testnet. Shortly after the upgrade, the interfaces for Inter Protocol will be connected to Emerynet. Join the Agoric team in testing core features and functionality that will mint testnet IST.

:seven: Help the Agoric team keep the community informed on testnet progress. Throughout the process, the Agoric team will keep track of how the testnet is progressing – but we’d love for validators to update this thread or share their progress in Discord so that the entire community can follow progress towards launch.

Next Steps

When these testnet milestones are complete and validators have fully qualified the release on Emerynet, any member of the community can submit an on-chain proposal to upgrade agoric-3 to agoric-upgrade-9. If you’d like to raise the proposal, let the community know in the thread below.


Testnet milestones were successfully completed in Emerynet and proposal #28 to upgrade agoric-3 to agoric-upgrade-9 is now live in the voting period on mainnet!

Target block height for upgrade:

upgrade proposal block to be 8941749, anticipated to be on Monday, March 6th 2023 at 17:00 UTC

Upgrade guide and release notes can be found linked above in the original post.



Proposal 28 has officially passed! The proposal had a 63.81% BLD voter turnout and 100% voted YES to upgrade Agoric mainnet to agoric-upgrade-9.

As noted above this means that a mainnet upgrade will take place at block 8941749; expected Monday, March 6th 2023 at 17:00 UTC.


Update: The upgrade was a success and we have new blocks!!!
Thanks everyone for being active and engaged throughout this upgrade.

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